It has been 4 years today 3rd Feb 2010 since my father passed over to the spirit world and my whole world collapsed. The month following his passing I was introduced to Anne Germain who with much love truth and sincerity was able to conversate with my father and loved ones in the Spirit world. Through Anne's communication with him so many of my unanswered questions were answered, as his passing at the age of 61 was very sudden. I then knew why he had to leave, where he was and who he was with. I was left speechles when Anne could confirm to me my actions and his in the minutes following his death, I learned that he was standing with me when I received the telephone call breaking this devastating news to me and how he left me to go be with my mother as I arrived to break the news to her. This was unbelievable evidence from the Spirit world that Anne was able to pass onto me. Since then I have had the pleasure of witnessing Anne work on several occasions my most recent was at our Church fundraising event 'Conversation with Spirit' at Christmas, where Anne worked effortlessly to pass on love and messages from our loved ones at such a difficult time of year when we do really miss having them with us.

Anne I would like to take this opportunity through this testament to you to say thank you for all the comfort that I have received from you, the inspiration you gave me to follow a spiritual path in life which has helped me to rebuild my life in the knowledge that my father continues to walk with me guide, guard and protect me just as he always did. You are a wonderful ambassador for Spirit Anne one who works and speaks in truth, love and light and long may you continue to help, heal and comfort others. You truly are an Angel here on earth.

My partner and I have been seeing Anne for readings for many years. We have absolute confidence in her and the evidence she provides. She has been spot on and has given us valuable guidance over many years. I am dismayed at the negative press that has been created. She is an exceptional medium! A rare talent!

My reading from Anne was amazing. She confirmed so much for me. It was very emotional as it was the 1st reading I'd had after my husband passed but Anne helped me a lot that day. I will always be grateful to Anne for that reading. It helped me so very much.

I walked into the room to hold a private reading with you, you invited me to sit, I said nothing. You did not ask me anything, you just saluted me and you started talking you spoke about the deceased father of my wife, you spoke of my deceased father you knew that my father was blind when he died, you spoke about the dead sister of my father, my aunt by side of father you said things that nobody knows, only me and my deceased families, you spoke like them, using their words and their tone of voices, you said me the same things they said me when they were alive my dead father was talking to me about my alive mother through you. All of them were able to send messages to me through you. I held a meeting with all my dead relatives through you. I did not know you and you left me quite impressed I'll never forget you and not that day. Thanks from the bottom of my soul.

I have had 3 readings from Anne in 2 different countries. Every time the evidence she brought forward was mind blowing. Anne relaid feelings and emotions that no human had ever known. These could only have come from my spirit family. I now work as a medium and am a spiritual healer due to Anne guiding me and putting me on the path I knew I had been on since a child. I will always be eternally grateful to Anne for her teachings and remarkable evidence that life is eternal.

I first saw Anne working on platform at my local spiritualist church over 15 years ago, although I did not get a message on that occasion she was well received by others. I had a personal reading from Anne at a later date and was really impressed by what she said. Anne is one of three mediums that has been able to accurately describe my father. She also brought forward a brother in spirit that I could not accept at the time but when researching my family tree many years later I discovered that I did have a brother who passed to spirit as a baby that my Father never spoke of. There is no way that Anne could have known anything about my family because when I contacted her she was only given my first name and as I do not originate from the area I now live there is no way she could have found out anything about my life or family. She told me of the problems I have had in the past and also that I came from a seafaring family, all completely true. Anne is a truly gifted medium who does not deserve all the bad publicity that she has been receiving recently from nonbelievers.

I have been seeing Anne for readings for a number of years now. I never fail to be surprised and amazed at how accurate she is, to the extent that she even uses the EXACT WORDS that I have used in my head. I am a private person and there are many things that I do not even tell my nearest and dearest, and yet, Anne somehow knows what those things are. If someone can explain to me how she can do this without being genuine, I'd really like to know. I am a scientist and used to an evidential world, but I have no earthly explanation for what Anne does. I, too, am dismayed and annoyed at the negative press that she has received and the impact it has had on her and others.

"Thank you Anne for reading for me, we had a great morning together, and I feel there's many more to come. Your reading was great and from one medium to another I felt we linked as two good earth angels working for our loved ones and friends above. Keep up your good work.

Love always Mandy Masters xxx"

"You have given me a truly Enlightening experience and I cannot thank you enough. It meant so much to me to receive the words I never thought possible."

"Thanks for a fantastic reading, great to catch up with my dear departed, you are a very gifted medium, I will be back for more ;o)"

"I thought the language difference was going to be a problem but it wasn't. The evidence was amazing and I know that my sister is with me and safe now. We are all looking forward to seeing you here again. Please don't leave it too long before you come back."

"I can't believe everything that you passed to me from my family in spirit is happening exactly as they said it would. Bring it on!"

"Amazing, you even got the village my Dad came from right. Can't wait for the time you come back up again."

"Thank you for the wonderful proof of survival you demonstrated......; everyone was stunned I have seen many Mediums in the past 30 years Doris Stokes, Doris Collins and Colin Fry working on stage, But you Anne; you are a 100% Genuine Medium and I'm so honoured to have met you, and to have had a message from you. I want you to know you are the No.1 Medium ever, thank you, thank you."