Life Force


All that is

What is Reiki?

REIKI means "All that is," or "Spiritually Guided Life-Force." Handed down by word of mouth since the 1800's. It has been said that Dr Mikao Usui was the principal of a boys' school when he decided to learn how Buddha and Jesus Christ healed the sick. After many years of searching, he found he was led to a Zen Monastery in Japan, where he found an ancient, sacred text which held the answer. Dr Usui went to Mount Kuri Yama to meditate. While there he was shown a vision of the four universal symbols used in healing and Reiki attunement. Dr Usui devoted the remainder of his life to healing passing his knowledge on to others so they could carry on his work after his death.

There have now been many different books published which documents the progress of Dr Usui and his pathway into Reiki. As with all things that have happened in the past because there is no one alive no that can either confirm or deny this particular version of events or any other; Anne strongly recommends that you do your own research into the history and pull which to you seems most probable and fits right with your own heart. She herself feels that many of the initial history that is claimed for Dr Usui may well not be correct, but not having been there at the time she has no way of confirming any of it. It would seem to be more likely to her that he was a Business man first then took the pathway into a Buddhist Monastery.

Different for Everyone

REIKI is different for everyone. No guarantees can be made, however, there are many reports over the years of Reiki miracles, including wounds healing, illnesses vanishing and tumours shrinking. Anne has personally been the receiver of some amazingly powerful Reiki from her own Reiki Master"; and also seen some wonderful results from those whom she has given Reiki to.

REIKI works on the chakras - points of energy correspond to the main nerve centres and body's organs, as well as working on the mind and emotions. Life-force (Chi) is channelled through the practitioner's hands, enabling the body's own healing power to be activated. Reiki can safely be used on anyone, including pregnant women and those with injuries or on medication. Animals love it!

REIKI can help to:

  • Relieve Stress;
  • Eliminate Destructive Mental and Emotional Patterns;
  • Release Toxins;
  • Accelerate Healing and Wellbeing;
  • Enhance other Therapies

Reiki Healing takes approximately one hour, initial consultation takes a little longer for client information gathering and time to discuss whether you feel that following a basic relaxation Reiki Session it is the right thing for you to pursue.(concessions are available for both Students and OAP clients)