Tuning In




Loved Ones



What to expect?

Anne works with all the spiritual senses so a sitter can normally expect quite an interesting reading. By seeing one thing, hearing another and feeling something completely different all at the same time can get a little challenging not only for Anne and the sitter just think what it must be like with spirit themselves; all wanting to be heard, seen or felt at the same time. Private sittings normally take place in the quiet of Anne's dining room at her home and last 30 minutes; if you have friends or a taxi collecting you remember to allow time for the digital recording to be transferred onto a CD which can take around 5 to 10 minutes. Sometimes there may be a visit from one of the cats that own the property and allow Anne and Keith to live there as well. Please be assured if any sitter does not like or has a problem with cats Anne will keep them well away.

Tuning In

Anne will take a moment to tune-in to whoever is waiting to communication from spirit, this doesn't normally take long, but with Spirit it's not a case of making a demand that anyone particular person comes through it's more of a wait and see process; so be ready to hear from people who you least expect that are in the realms of spirit, maybe a aunt, uncle or friend of the family who passed over when you were very small or even before you were born you don't have to have known them personally. It is good to remember that just because we have arguments in the family here on the earth; sometimes being cut off from our families for years it doesn't meant that those in spirit do not want to come forward and offer guidance or help with what is happening with you now.


Information is passed to the sitter as she receives it, she doesn't need the sitter to bring anything other than themselves, an open mind and heart. She also prefers just to have a first name when booking appointment, that way they know she cannot have researched into anything about them prior to their arrival or phone call if it's a telephone reading. No matter what information is given by spirit to Anne to pass on it is your life here on the earth and you must live it with your feet firmly on the ground, any advice they may offer you, YOU have the option to take or not. Anne does not claim to make promises or tell the future. Spirit will NEVER take away your free will to do anything on the earth so it is always down to your own decision making.


Working on a voice vibration all that Anne needs from a sitter is yes or no answers but she DOES need to hear your voice, if you're not sure or it's to muddled to understand just say you don't understand and Anne will go back to spirit and ask them what they mean. Anne sees spirit exactly as she sees anyone else on the earth, however with anything to do with people on the earth she gets cartoons. With feeling spirit, sitters can often find that Anne will sit with tears running down her face if that is the emotion that the loved one is bringing in, looks distressing but Anne has got used to this and supplies plenty of tissues for the readings. A good reading is often one where the client has cried all the way through because they have that direct link with their loved ones.

Feeling Spirit

Spirit know what is bothering and worrying the sitter, so they will give Anne the information that is needed not necessarily what is wanted. Questions are answered by spirit prior to the sitter asking anything but if when they get to the end of the reading and spirit have missed an answer then the sitter is given the opportunity to ask a direct questions of spirit. No guarantee can be given that spirit will in fact answer these questions or that the individual waited for will come through, Anne can do nothing but try on your behalf to get the person longed for by the sitter.


However, she will NOT make up something she's not getting or make something fit just because that is what the sitter wants; spirit messages are messages you need, not a message you necessarily want. She does NOT tell fortunes or your future, she does not deal with questions on whether you'll be rich, famous or who you will marry for these type of answer she would recommend you see a Psychic Medium rather than her a Spiritual Medium.

If you've never had a reading before and are nervous Anne does have Mermaid and Angel Oracle Cards which work as a focus for clients giving them time to calm down. They are very gentle cards and nothing like the Tarot Cards which you may be more familiar with.