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Public Statement by the legal representation of Anne Germain and Anne Germain Ltd

"Please Note that the negative reporting about Anne Germain and her Spiritual Work in television, theatre and personal readings has been proven to be solely based on a malicious attack by a person known to both the Spanish Production and Television Company. At the time all allegations were strongly refuted in Newspapers, Magazines in Spain, Portugal and the UK and strongly refuted on Television in Spain.

At no time has Anne Germain or Anne Germain Ltd ever kept hidden that the producers of the TV shows in Spain and Portugal had informed her of the guests name, job, belief in her work and whether they had a person whom they wished to speak with.

This information was only ever collated for television shows for the use of the producers to focus and direct the host of the show regarding the VIP guests’ information that Anne Germain was not aware of; this allowed them to highlight the evidential message detail when getting feedback from the guests who attended the shows.

Any future negative reporting of a malicious nature will force us to take legal measures to protect the good name, image and work of Anne Germain and the property and all the associated rights of Anne Germain Ltd"

Anne Germain

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